Wagons West Realty

Torrington, Wyoming

Wagons West Realty - Torrington, Wyoming
Wagons West Realty - Torrington, Wyoming

3 Bedroom Rental Available

3075 Monte Vista, Torrington 

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Properties are selling fast!!  Call Shelly or Todd to show you how we can represent you and your property!

We specialize in helping you buy and sell your homes, farms and ranches, as well as do property management throughout Southeast Wyoming and Nebraska Panhandle! 

Wagons West Realty, LLC has an in-depth understanding of the Wyo-Braska real estate market, strong ties to our Goshen County community and unparalleled real estate experience. We offer our buyers the highest level of expertise and full access to Torrington MLS services. In 2014 Torrington’s Wagons West Realty, LLC was one of the top performing Brokerages in Goshen County. 

Wagons West Realty's Broker, Shelly Rutt has been a Realtor in the Goshen County and Nebraska area for 21+ years.   Realtor, Todd Weglin is also a native of Goshen County and has a great Agricultural and Residential background. 

Wagons West Realty specialize in Torrington as well as our surrounding neighbor communities of Lingle, Ft. Laramie, LaGrange, Guernsey, Yoder, and Hawk Springs.  As well as assisting clients in the Nebraska Panhandle. We are pleased to offer you professional real estate services with your residential, property management, farm and ranch, and commercial properites.

The benefits of real estate ownership in the Cowboy State is attractive, especially when compared to states with high tax rates. Wyoming has no state income tax, real property in Goshen County is taxed at 9.5% of value and the Wyoming state budget surplus is more than $1 billion. When you combine the economic and tax benefits of Wyoming property ownership in Wyoming it is both attractive and compelling. Our full-time dedicated sales team members are committed to delivering exceptional service and have a long history of exceeding the expectations of our buyers and sellers. We look forward to working with you to discover the unique beauty and culture of our beautiful Platte River Valley.

SHELLY RUTT BROKER 307-534-4630 shellyrutt@yahoo.com
TODD WEGLIN - REALTOR 307-532-6055 toddweglin@yahoo.com